客服的个人英文简历模板 英语简历模板

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一 : 客服的个人英文简历模板


  d-90, 25th street

  clewiston, fl, 0510

  cell: (123) 459 9784


  career profile:

  to get a position as a customer care officer where my skills of handling customers will be utilized for the growth and development of the organization.

  professional strengths:

  possess seven years of experience in customer service

  in-depth knowledge of basic operating systems

  flexible, attention to detail and ability to learn quickly

  possess excellent listening and responding skills

  ability to handle multiple tasks and solve customer queries efficiently

  possess good sales and customer service skills

  excellent administrative and organizational skills

  ability to maintain basic knowledge of products, pricing, promotions, procedures, and other important issues

  highly initiative to manage a busy workload without close supervision

  ability to build and maintain good relationship with customer

  educational summary and certifications:

  bachelor's degree in english from daffodils arts college in the year 19xx

  master's degree in english language from university of xyz in the year 19xx

  certification course in communication skills from soft skills training center in the year 19xx

  professional experience:

  abc business center inc, state

  20xx till date

  customer care officer

  responsible for dealing with customer relevant queries, complaints and request for information on products and services

  assigned the tasks of recording all communications between various parties

  handled the tasks of drafting documents as requested by customer care manager

  prepared daily, weekly and monthly statistical reports

  responsible for generating ideas on ways to resolve problems and serve customers in a better way

  confirmed customer understanding of the solution and provided extra customer education as required

  techno global center co inc, state

  20xx till date

  customer care officer

  assigned the tasks of processing customer orders as well as provides details about the products and services to customers

  handled the responsibilities of designing activities to improve business performance and customer satisfaction

  conducted needs-based selling by using non-scripted probing techniques to find customer requirements

  communicates effectively with teams in the program to ensure quality and timely expedition of customer requests

  handled the tasks of preparing customer correspondence and updating customer files

  assigned the tasks of responding to customer queries and concerns regarding product and services of the organization

  areas of interest:

  to apply my comprehensive customer service skills to meet the goals and objectives of the organization

  to increase the sales and service of the organization by applying my excellent negotiation and customer service skills

  personal details:

  name: anny smith

  date of birth: xx/xx/19xx

  employment status: full time

  relationship status: married


  mr. charlie smith

  senior customer care officer

  lopez associates co inc, state

  cell: 123-589-3655


二 : 个人英文应聘信模板

 5 moon avenue   23december XXmary wright  personnel department 22 rocks road     dear ms wright i am writing to apply for the post of assistant editor. i get this new which advertised in the moring paper of 20 december.     since graduating from anyang normal university, my major is english secretary.  i earn application of english secretarial certificate and computer-level certificate during my college life. i have been working for ems company. i have become particularly interested in interactive and multimedia work. now, i want to develop my career in that direction.     i would welcome the opportunity to work as a part of your company. i will do my best to make a significant contribution while developing my skills further. i would be happy to show you a portfolio of my work.     i am available for interview next week and look forward to hearing forming you.     yours sincerely eric smith 

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三 : 外企秘书的个人英文简历模板

  sandy lin 15/f,tower2 ,bright china,building1,beijing.


  to contribute acquired administrative skills to a senior secretary/word processor position.

  summary of qualifications

  *more than 13 years administrative/clerical experience; type 90 wpm. *self-motivated;able to set effective priorities and implement decisions to achieve immediate and long-term goals and meet operational deadlines.

  *proven communication abilities,both oral and written.

  professional experience

  1988-present caldyne associates,providence,ri


  process technical reports,engineering specs,and traffic studies utilizing multi-mate wp.type all requisite documents for staff of 30 professionals.arrange meetings,handle incoming calls.expedite ups mailings,federal express,faxing and courier services.type statistical charts,manuscripts,correspondence,and minutes.order supplies,coordinate daily meetings,arrange luncheons,and administer labor cards.

  1984-1988 bristol bank,bristol,ct


  utilized call director,typed reports,letters,and expense sheets.reserved conference rooms,order supplies.responsible for calligraphy assignments.

  1981-1984 sargent agency,hamden,ct


  assigned to school of public health.managed typing of medical charts used in textbooks for government funded medical program in iran.


  pollack secretarial school,jackson,tn 1979

  computer skills

  dos,microsoft word,ibm compatible,lotus 1-2-3

  separate category for computer experience calls attention to candidates technical knowledge.

四 : 保险工作人员的英文简历模板


   an executive level position in the insurance industry.
proven sales ability. highly organizedand efficient. extremely capable manager and leader. proficient in allphases of organizing and coordinating projects, meeting deadlines, andmeeting budgets.
   state home insurance, cleveland, oh
lead associate, sales, 1998 to present
supervised department of 20 employees. responsibilities includeddevelopment of new accounts and management of ongoing corporateaccounts. responsible for interviewing, hiring, and training newpersonnel.
   direct insurance, cleveland, oh
sales agent, 1992 to 1997
specialized in sale of life insurance policy.  office's highest grossing salesman for three consecutive years, 1994 - 1997.
   hawbaker & kazminski, des moines, iowa
legal secretary, 1988 to 1992
worked for three lawyers specializing in personal injury law andmalpractice. wrote rough drafts of briefs in malpractice cases. regularcorrespondence with insurance company representatives.
   insurance institute, baltimore, md
m.b.a., business administration, 1994
    university of iowa, des moines, iowa

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