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aKathmandu determines the packaging content of most products sold in its shops and in doing so is very conscious to avoid confusing the customer with jargon, misleading claims of superior environmental performance or an excessive number of environmental labels. 加德满都确定在它的商店卖的多数产品包装的内容和这样做是非常神志清楚的避免混淆顾客与专科术语,误引优越环境表现或环境标签的一个过份数字要求。 [translate] 
atween particles i and j. The dissipative force F corresponds to a [translate] 
aDon't really want to go to the brink of death?Must be strong to withstand 真正地不想要去死亡边缘?一定是强的承受 [translate] 
a首先,意味着他是个热爱孩子的人,感到跟孩子交往是一种乐趣,相信每个孩子都能成为一个好人,善于跟他们交朋友,关心孩子的快乐和悲伤,了解孩子的心灵,时刻都不忘记自己也曾经是个孩子。 第二,一个好老师应是精通他所教科目的那门科学的人,热爱那门科学,并了解它的发展情况——最新的发现,正在进行的研究以及最近取得的成果。本人若能热心于本门学科正在探讨的问题,并具备进行独立研究的能力,这样的教师则可成为学校的骄傲。在学生心中,教师应是一个有智慧,有学识,善思考,酷爱知识的人。教师的知识越深湛,视野越宽广,各方面的科学知识越宽厚,他就在更大程度上不仅是一名教师。而且是一位教育者。对于低年级的教师来说,重要的是不仅要具备多方面的知识,而且要对 [translate] 
a为增加师生对中国航天的了解 In order to increase the teachers and students to the Aerospace China understanding [translate] 
a1.技术变革风险:在项目运作中,如果有重大技术革新发生,新技术的运用有可能会加速项目的建设,项目工作组应对技术的变革保持敏感度,及时使用新的技术,确保不被他人超越。 1. technical transformation risk: In project operation, if has the significant technological innovation occurrence, the new technical utilization has the possibility to be able to accelerate the project construction, the project work team should to the technical transformation maintenance sensitivit [translate] 
a2.一次付清学费 2. pays off in a lump sum the school expense [translate] 
a心 若 向 阳 、 无 畏 悲 伤 If heart toward the sun, dauntless sad [translate] 
aYour favorable consideration to the above application will be highly appreciated. 您的有利考虑到上述应用高度将被赞赏。 [translate] 
aEnding…You are winner ,we are not from same world,you never understand me.today rearly broken my heart.so it.s ok 结束…您不要是优胜者,我们不是从同样世界,您了解me.today rearly打破我的heart.so it.s好 [translate] 
aThe sun rises on this elephant family with a different meaning today .Last night they have added a new born to the herd .A female calf that will have to learn everything she needs from her family. 太阳在这个大象家庭今天升起以一个不同的意思。昨晚他们增加了出生的一新到牧群。将必须学会一切她的一头母小牛从她的家庭需要。 [translate] 
aacquiring banks as captured by changes in acquirers’ yield spreads 获取银行如由在承购者上的变化夺取’出产量传播 [translate] 
aa later time 最新时光 [translate] 
a从别以后,几回梦缥缈,执手若无,泪溅花上。 From other after, several chapter of dreams are indistinct, hold the hand if does not have, the tear splashes on the flower. [translate] 
aMichael Jordan is the most famous basketball player in the world。He was born in Brooklyn,New York。He didn't like to talk to other people of himself。He was also very short。He didn't play very well when he joined the basketball team in his high school at first。But next year things changed greatly for him after he grew mu [translate] 
a我会做一些简单的饭菜 I can make some simple meals [translate] 
a手动工具 Manual tool [translate] 
aI accompany you 我陪同你 [translate] 
a包封率 Envelope rate [translate] 
a布朗先生让汤姆为我们表演中国夫 Mr. Braun lets Tom perform the Chinese husband for us [translate] 
a一谈到兴奋剂的副作用,Smith医生有太多话要说。 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
aNote that some pollutants may be both primary and secondary: that is, they are both emitted directly and formed from other primary pollutants. 注意一些污染物也许是主要和次要的: 即他们直接地散发并且从其他主要污染物被形成。 [translate] 
aby varying the inlet-water temperature and the outside air 正在翻译,请等待... [translate] 
abeautiful sence 美好的感觉 [translate] 
a這是新照片嗎 This is the new picture [translate] 
aFurthermore ,raising animals as pets has a negative influence for the environment 此外,养动物作为宠物为环境有一种负面影响 [translate] 
aAML has developed into two tracks AML开发了成二条轨道 [translate] 
a加强监管措施 Enhancement supervising and managing measure [translate] 
a我想要像他一样,拥有一种永不放弃的拼搏精神 I want to look like him to be same, have one kind never to give up strive for success the spirit [translate] 

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